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Please note: words that are bolded within the following definitions are defined elsewhere in the glossary. Terms are listed in alphabetical order.


Attached Top Container - A Tote bin that forms it's own lid and can be stacked or nested. Also referred to as Attached Lid or Distribution Container.


Boltless Shelving - Shelves that clip together and do not require a wrench to assemble.


Conductive - A material that can discharge static electricity: A level of ESD material best suited for areas where items are not continuously grounded ex: carrying a bin. Rated at less than 105 Ohms.


DG - An abbreviation for Dividable Grid bin.

Distribution Container - An alternate term for an Attached Top Container.

Dividable Grid Bin - Rectangular, stackable bins that can be divided by inserting a variety of available dividers. These bins also feature lids and label holders.

Dollies - Small carts used to temporarily mobilize a stack of bins.

DSB - Abbreviation for a Quantum Shelf Bin divider.


ESD - A material that can discharge static electricity : also referred to as Conductive at less than 105 Ohms

Euro Drawer - A smooth sided bin with no opening in the front, typically valued for use in dusty environments and for offering a higher bin capacity.


Frame - Typically used in reference to a pair of rails which are joined together for mounting Tip-Out bins on our Sliders.

Free Standing Slider - A product designed to hold a number of Tip-Out bins or pegboard panels without requiring a Gondola.


Giant Stack - Bins that stack together but do not nest or hang. These bins have rounder corners than most Quantum bins.

Gondola - A store fixture that typically forms the long rows of a display in a store and to which shelves, hooks or Sliders are attached.


Hopper - A larger open front bin, typically used for bulk storage.


Interlocking Drawer - Small cabinets filled with sliding drawers. The housings of the drawers can interlock to form a larger unit.


Locking Rod - A heavy wire that runs across the front of our Tip-Out bins to keep them from opening accidentally.

Louvered Panel - A flat metal sheet into which a series of 2" wide lips are stamped, that allowing plastic bins to hang from it. Panels can come in the form of a wall, bench or panel.


Magnum Bin - Stacking bins that are similar in appearance to, but larger than, an Ultra bin.


QSB - An abbreviation for "Quantum Shelf Bin". See Shelf Bin.

Q-Stor - The Quantum brand name for Wire Shelving.

Quick Pick - Bins that provide dual access with front and rear openings. These bins also have multiple dividers for maximum access and configuration.

QUS - An abbreviation for "Quantum Ultra Series". See Ultra Stack and Hang.


Rack - A series of Rails joined together to form a panel from which bins can hang. Racks are more suited to bins that are often removed.

Rail - A formed metal channel that allows mounting of bins. Some rails are used in multiples to form a Rack or Frame.

Rail Cart - A series of Rails joined to form a panel in the lower part of a mobile cart, usually with a shelf above.


Shelf Bin - Bins that nest but do not stack or hang, these are our most cost effective bins. They also attract lower shipping costs per bin because of the nesting ability.

Slider (frame) - Refers to the fixtures that have sliding panels to increase product density. They are used with pegboard or Tip-Out bins.

Sloped Shelving - Shelving designed for bulk items with maximum display impact. Only the wire series is interchangeable with the flat shelving.

Stack and Nest - A large tub that has the ability to stack and nest. It is valued for it's capacity and small shipping size when nested.

Steel Shelving - Typically referring only to the flat shelf units which bolt together.


Tip-Out - Clear plastic bins that are usually grouped together in a housing. These bins tip forward, allowing access to product inside the bin.

Tote - Large bin typically used as a small crate for shipping and warehousing.


Ultra Bin - An abbreviated term for Ultra Stack and Hang bins, but also refers to Jumbo and Giant Hopper bins.

Ultra Stack And Hang - A plastic bin that has a lip for hanging on Louvered Panels and Rails. These bins can stack but not nest.


Wire Shelving - Shelving that is constructed of panels made of wire grids and steel tube posts.